Unseasonable heat gives way to a cooler weekend

“Summer” continues through Wednesday

A weak cold front approaches northern Maine on Tuesday, which may touch off a few widely scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm. It appears that the boundary will stay north enough that western, eastern and southern areas escape with clouds only. The cloud cover will help keep temperatures down a few degrees, but with dew points in the upper 60s to low 70s, it may not be noticeable.

All of this humidity keeps potential morning fog in forecast for through Wednesday morning. Fog could be locally dense in areas, especially around bodies of water.

A cold front that will bring relief from the humidity moves into the region begining Wednesday. For now, showers and thunderstorm potential appears confined in the mountains and north during the day, and then sag south and east in the evening on Wednesday and into early Thursday morning. Southern areas may see a few widely scattered showers, but forecast rain accumlations appear minimal.

If there is lingering showers over far eastern Maine Thursday, they appear to end by mid-morning. A northwest breeze will pick up during the day to help push any remaining humidity out. Dew point may fall as low as the mid-30s by daybreak on Friday.

Friday appears to be a pleasant one with high temperatures on par with seasonal averages, as indicated below. Maria passes by well southeast of New England and will have no land hazards to speak of away from rain and surf for southern New England.

There is a risk for a potential frost for northern Maine Saturday morning. Sub-freezing air aloft along with radiation cooling from clear sky may dip the thermometer down close to freezing. Ensemble guidance from the 00z Monday European model focused on Frenchville suggests for now that may not be the case, but should be monitored for changes. The northern part of the state is technically two weeks late of the first frost, which typically comes in mid-September.

The cold air aloft brews into a mid-level disturbance as a result of the heating of the day which may cause some popcorn cumulous clouds to form over the region on Saturday. Forecast highs appear be 2° to 6° below normal during the day, which brings 50s for highs north and west, low to mid 60s south and east.

The wave activity of Maria arrives into the state Saturday as the storm passes near Newfoundland. It may a bring a bit of chop to the Gulf of Maine as this wave forecast below indicates, but nothing of any major concern.

Temperatures rebound a bit for Sunday, and remain steady for Monday, with plenty of sun as it appears for now.

7-Day Outlooks

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